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Scientific Meeting 2023

Calling all researchers, clinicians, and advocates for CLCN4-related neurodevelopmental condition! Don’t miss the second Cure CLCN4 Scientific Conference taking place on June 16th and 17th, 2023 in London (*hybrid meeting). Join us as we come together to share the latest developments on CLCN4-related research and for an opportunity to hear from world-leading experts from fields such as ion channels, rare disease, and precision medicine.

The basics

When: 16th & 17th June 2023

Where: The conference will be hosted in the Franks Room at the Wellcome Collection in Central London (UK). You can read more about the venue here. Further venue and travel information, including hotel options will be released closer to the time of the conference (*please note that there will be an option to attend online but, in order to make the most of the meeting experience, we encourage you to attend in person).

Organizer: Cure CLCN4

Registration: please click here to register for free. 

Brochure: the conference brochure, including program, speaker bios and abstracts will be released closer to the time of the conference. 

Conference description

CLCN4-related neurodevelopmental condition (CLCN4-NDC) is a rare X-linked genetic disorder that leads to intellectual disability and other problems such as epilepsy, behavioural disorders, movement disorders and microcephaly. CLCN4-NDC is caused by mutations in the CLCN4 gene, which encodes the ClC-4 protein, a 2Cl-/H+ ion channel expressed in intracellular compartments in a wide variety of tissues, but prominently in the brain and skeletal muscle. The extent and severity of CLCN4-related condition, which has so far been reported in just over 120 individuals worldwide, is very variable, depending on the type of gene change, the gender of the affected individual, the pathophysiological impact of the genetic change and, as yet, incompletely understood factors. Overall, there is currently little understanding of the basic biology of CIC-4 and no appropriate therapeutic options.

For the second year in a row, this conference will bring together leading academic, clinical and industry speakers from the ion channel, rare disease, and therapeutic discovery fields. Through a series of short talks and panel discussions, we will review the latest knowledge on the biology and clinical aspects of CLCN4-NDC and establish the necessary steps towards the development of therapeutic options for CLCN4, all the way from the early stages of basic research on animal and cellular models to clinical research, drug discovery, and precision medicine.

Conference program

This is a provisional program and is therefore subject to change. Times and final list of speakers will be published end of April.

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